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"Learn Spanish in the Rain Forest of Costa Rica"

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Deadlines: Mar 1 - $100 Deposit (Non-Refundable)
                            April 1 - $797.50 Payment (airline ticket- nonrefundable/non-transferable) Copy of passp.                             May 1 - Balance Due $797.50

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General Information

Place: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Length of Trip: 8 days – 7 nights

Option 1
Cost: $1,695 per person

Includes: Airfare/Taxes/Spanish School/Hotels - (2 nights)/ 2 meals per day/Jungle Canopy Tour/Volcano Tour/Most meals provided

If you do not wish to stay with the host family you may stay at the following hotels for an additional cost: For 7 nights

Option 2
Hotel Flor Blanca
-6 nights & 1 night @ Best Western
Single - Extra $190
Double - Extra $125 per person
: Dinner is not provided Mon-Sat at Hotels

Option 3
Hotel Best Western - 7 nights
Single - Extra $295
Double - Extra $175 per person
Note: Dinner is not provided Mon-Sat at Hotels

Note: No Spanish Required. Each person will be placed according to their abilities. Max 5 per class.

               Available Trip Dates (2014)

                         2014 Trips 8

Date - Trip 1: Dec 2014 TBA

Departure: CO flight #1528 departs Houston at 9:15 am and arrives in San Jose Costa Rica at 11:58 am

Return: CO flight # 1447 departs San Jose at 2:55 pm and arrives in Houston at 7:48 pm

                 *Passport Required for the Trip

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 – Sunday
• Depart Houston Intercontinental Airport at 9:15AM (meal on airplane)
• Arrive in San Jose, CR at 11:58 p.m.
• Depart Airport at 1:00PM (Private Bus)
• Lunch on the road – Provided – Tour of
  Country Side
• Arrive in Manuel Antonio at 5:00PM
• Check-in Hotel Flor Blanca
• Dine at El Avión Restaurant and Welcome meeting with school Director Pedro Luis Cardena (Meal provided)

Day 2 - Monday
• Eat breakfast at hotel from 7:00-8:00am (Provided)
• Depart for “Rain Forest Canopy Tour” at
10:00AM – Cost provided
• Lunch provided in the mountains
• Return to Manuel Antonio at 3:00PM
• Meet your Host Family in the afternoon
• Dinner provided by Host Family

 Day 3 - Tuesday
• Breakfast with Host Family
• Spanish Classes at El Paraíso Spanish
Language School
from 8:00AM until 1:00PM
• Afternoon: Hit the Beach!
FREE surfing lessons at 2:00 pm
• Eat dinner with Host Family                

Day 4 - Wednesday
• Breakfast with Host Family
• Spanish Classes from 8:00AM until 1:00PM
• Dance lessons at school
• Eat dinner with Host Family
Day 5 - Thursday
• Breakfast with Host Family
• Spanish Classes from 8:00AM until 1:00PM
• Cooking lesson at school (Lunch provided)
• Afternoon: Culture class
• Evening: Folklore Dances
• Eat dinner with Family

Day 6 - Friday
• Breakfast with Host Family
• Spanish Classes from 8:00AM until 1:00PM
• Afternoon: FREE Time!
Available activities. Jet ski, fishing, surfing, horseback riding, swimming, white water rafting or shop Quepos. Enjoy a nap in a Hammock! or enjoy the wild life
• Last Night with Host Family

Day 7 - Saturday
• Breakfast with Host Family
• Depart at 7:00AM to San Jose
• Country side Tour
• Meal provided on the road
• Afternoon check-in at Best Western Downtown San Jose
• Evening: Relax at hotel

Day 8 Sunday
• Breakfast provided at Hotel
• Tour Volcano Poas
• Lunch on you
•Depart for Airport at Noon
• Arrive in Houston at 7:51 p.m.

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