Jerome Booker
            The instructor for Levels 1 and 2 will be Jerome Booker, a Certified Bilingual Specialist who has lived and worked in Costa Rica, Honduras, and Mexico. He has a Master Degree but did not study Spanish in the USA: instead he attended the Spanish Language Institute of San Jose, Costa Rica, an institute that specializes in teaching conversational Spanish not academic Spanish. Mr. Booker has worked as an educator in the areas of Spanish Language Instruction and Migrant Education for 8 years. He also served as ESL/Bilingual consultant for Region 5 Education Services Center for the Texas Education Agency and has coordinated a teacher exchange between Mexico and the United States through the Center for Migrant Education in San Marcos, Texas. During the past three years he has taught Conversational Spanish to over 2000 adults through Spanish Language Services. We think you will enjoy the excitement and energy that Mr. Booker brings to the classroom. Class instruction is in English but practice is in Spanish, not the Castilian Academic Spanish taught in College but the Spanish spoken in Mexico and Central America.

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